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May 04, 2012

Kreislauf 4+5 with DokoDa...

Download the brand new Kaywa Reader for the iPhone: - Scan & Tap. It's a... »

January 16, 2008

QR Codes on Kaywa Blogs

Ever wondered what this is? It's called a QR Code or Quick Response Code. ... »

Kaywa started with mobile tagging in 2005 and popularized the QR Code in the West. At its core this means the Kaywa Reader, a QR Code API and the QR Code Management plus Design QR Codes. Several value-added services to demonstrate the power of the QR Code for our mobile present were added: DokoDare, a social location based service; Kaywa Ticket, a mobile ticket and ticket scanning solution; Scanvenger, Scavenger Hunts with QR Codes amongst others.

  • The Innovation Company
  • Strategy, Design, Technology
  • Mobile & Social since 2003
  • QR Codes since 2005
  • Location Based Services since 2008
  • Gamification since 2011
  • NFC since 2011
  • QR Code Market Leader
  • Trusted by Millions of Individuals
  • Some of our better known clients: Universal, Fox, Citibank, Red Bull, B&Q, the European Parliament