28. Juni 2003 | Kategorie: Company

Cool FOAF idea by Urs

Urs (pic; blog) posted his Proposal - Postback: posting into others blogs. Very cool idea:)

Bernhard delves even deeper into the discussion.

24. Juni 2003 | Kategorie: Company

Log Format Roadmap

Sam Ruby started the Log Format Roadmap:

This wiki is a vendor-neutral space for agreeing on a new log format that is:
  • 100% vendor neutral,
  • implementable by everybody, anywhere, for any reason
  • freely extensible by anybody, anywhere, for any reason
  • cleanly and thoroughly specified.
Here's the project roadmap:
  • Decide on the conceptual model of a log entry. (You are here.)
  • Decide on a syntax for this model. SyntaxConsiderations
  • Build a syndication format using this syntax.
  • Build an archiving format using this syntax.
  • Build a weblog editing protocol using this syntax.
Let's put aside our differences and work together to achieve these goals. If you support this roadmap, please link to it from your weblog, with a few words as to why you support it.

Why does Kaywa support it
Because we believe in vendor-neutral "open" standards and interop.

23. Juni 2003 | Kategorie: Company

Kaywa launches

It feels good to end our self-inflicted NDA.
Kaywa Ltd are the result of a collaboration of switzerland's weblog pioneers to bring
(mo)blogging to the masses. Roger will unveil our tool at the first International Moblogging Conference in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, we are getting ready with the public beta of our new product. We will waive fees for all participants in the public beta for 2003, so sign up today, and help us to make our product even better.

Kaywa are:ps. yes we e will eat o ur own dogfood shortly :)

20. Juni 2003 | Kategorie: Mobile

Nokia and the Semantic Web

Nokia's work on the Semantic Web was started in 1996 and predates the term itself. We have collaborated with the academia and various standards organizations, and contributed to all major Semantic Web standards and specifications.
Interesting. Didn't know about Nokia's involvement in the Semantic Web.

Nokia Semantic Web Server. Via Danny

2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003) via Sandro
What is the Semantic Web Challenge?

18. Juni 2003 | Kategorie: Mobile

The Mobinet Index

The key findings from the latest Mobinet study of 5,600 mobile phone users in 15 countries:

More than 80 percent of mobile phone users in the study were aware of the photo messaging capabilities of today's mobile phones, and two-thirds said they were willing to pay to utilize those services. Among those under 19 years of age # the heavi est users of text-based messaging # 42 percent said they would be willing to pay more than $1 US to s oend a photo message. Fourteen percent of all users were prepared to pay more than $2 US per photo message. More than 30 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to use photo messaging at least once a week in the future.
See the Mobinet study (PDF)

Via MarketingFix and 3G and Elanceur.