January 09, 2007 | Category: Kaywa Reader

Kaywa Reader and SMS and how this works together

Here is also the PDF Version to print it out! (SMS on 202 works only in Switzerland).

By the way: There is more than to the Kaywa Mobile Tag Ecosystem than scanning URL's, text, SMS, phone numbers, email address and contact data. Some of you have probably already seen this numbers under the code. It's what we call a Short Code. The good thing about Short Codes is that you can use them in many ways:
  • Send QR [Short code] to 202
  • Type the Short Code in your Kaywa Reader (Options > Enter short code). This comes in handy when you are at the phone. It's much easier to say "Go to 2020400102!" than to spell an URL.
  • Create an URL with the Short Code by starting with http://d.kaywa.com/ and then adding the Short Code. This works a lot like tinyurl.
  • Encode a small QR Code by using only the Short Code


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